Numerous Events for All Ages!
Diverse Social Calendar
At TGCC, our events extend far beyond the fairways. With a diverse social calendar, we offer everything from themed parties to wine tastings, ensuring there's always something enjoyable for everyone.
Building New Relationships
Our events are designed to foster camaraderie among members. These activities not only add an element of fun but also contribute to the formation of lasting relationships both on and off the golf course.
Themed Gatherings
Themed gatherings add a playful touch to our events, creating a lighthearted environment that encourages laughter and shared enjoyment. Whether it's a costume party or a summer luau, these themes make for memorable experiences that bring members closer together.
Community Spirit
Our club is more than a sports facility; it's a community hub. Events are a reflection of our commitment to creating a strong sense of community, where members forge bonds that go beyond golf, creating enduring friendships that last a lifetime.
Seasonal Programs
Get ready to tee off this Spring with our exciting golf programs catered to both men and women! Our seasonal offerings provide the perfect opportunity for enthusiasts to refine their golfing skills in a vibrant and supportive community. Held during the week, these programs have become a favorite among participants who relish the chance to enhance their game while enjoying the beauty of the season. Join us as we embark on a journey of improvement and camaraderie - because a great swing is the best way to welcome the warmer days ahead!